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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-5 Review: Someone is after defaming Rida

Hatim is getting messages from unknown numbers about Rida

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-6 Review

Kahi Deep Jalay is a beautiful drama serial about a sweet and lovely girl Rida who is her brother’s princess, their apple of the eye. Despite getting so much love and care from her brothers she is not spoiled but in fact, she knows that she has to repay their love by being a good sister and a good daughter. Neelum Munir is beautifully playing the role of Rida. Imran Ashraf, Hammad Farooqui, and Ali Abbas have also given their finest performances in this play.

The episode begins when Rushna asks his brother to take some gifts, flowers, and cake at Rida’s house from her side as it is her birthday. He brings a large bouquet, gifts, and cake for her but Rida thinks that he has brought of his own. Rida always gets irritated and annoyed by his advances. He has also included a gift from his side, a poetry book in which he has also penned down a letter where he has confessed his true feelings for her but Rida has not cared to open that poetry book. The  maid later puts that book on the shelf and the book still has that letter!


Shameela is one vile character she is not familiar with the word of love. She only knows to plot. She is so mean that she checks her bhabi’s cupboard when she is not home and brings a gold set telling her mother that her bhabi has stolen it that but then when her bhabi comes and tells that it is her cousin’s she tries to hide her mistake by blaming her for stealing in a such an artful way that even his brother starts doubting her. Her mother is so worried at Shameela’s thinking that she is worrying that how come she is going to adjust in her in-laws.


Hammad is getting messages on his phone by some unknown sender, who texts him about Rida, saying stuff about Rida and this is getting on Hammad’s nerves. Well, it makes us wonder who is that unknown person? someone is really after defaming her?  Well, Shameela and Faham’s wedding date is fixed and that too in the same month after 10 days. Well, this leaves us wondering how come wedding preparations be done in such short notice. We need at least now 6 months or 3 months prior to book a wedding hall and other bookings.


Zeeshaan on the other side agrees to marry the girl her mother has selected for him, they visit the girl’s house but there they were disappointed when the girl’s side asked about their income and business and they pass the remarks that his salary is too low. Rida on the other hand clearly and rudely rejects Touqeer when he calls him and tries to express his true feelings for her. She simply says that she has no interest in him. Touqeer is heartbroken.

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