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Kahin Deep Jalay Episodes 8 and 9 Review: Rida’s heart starts beating for Zeeshan

Shameela is revealing her ugly self to her inlaws

Kahin Deep JalayKahin Deep Jalay Drama Rating

Kahin Deep Jalay the happy go lucky drama serial based on siblings’ love is now getting more and more intense as the story proceeds. The story revolves around a very sweet girl Rida, how she is being envied by her own sister in law in her own home and it seems like now she is after Rida to defame her character in front of her brothers. Neelum Munir is beautifully carrying her role as Rida.

Rida hears Rushna’s mother’s views about her and she gets so disturbed that she calls Tauqeer and tells him to marry Javeria. She says that she cannot hear anything like that about her he says that he has never said anything about her to anyone, he still tries to convince Rida and offers that he can change himself the way she likes but Rida refuses him once again by saying that her heart never feels inclined towards him ever.


Shameela is showing her true colors to her in-laws. Although everyone is so nice to her and her husband Fahaam takes great care of her but still she is not ready to gel in with her in-laws. She has not worn any Bari dress in fact she packs all the stuff despite the fact that Faham minds it. All she wants is outing and shopping and also that she wants to go to Paris for the honeymoon but before it gets finalized she starts bragging about it in front of her sister in law to make her jealous which Fahaam notes and he disapproves it.


The same kind of strange messages which Hatim is getting about Rida, Shameela also starts getting that kind of messages and it seems that she will try to use them in her favor. She is talking with her mother and trying to give very cheap remarks about Rida’s reputation when Rida’s mother sees her and enters into the room. Well, it makes us wonder that is Shameela behind all these messages? Fahaam has gone to the Police station and discusses this issue with one of his friend’s who is a police officer and he shares Hatim and Shameela’s phone numbers to get it traced. Well Shameela is a master of doing drama and somehow Fahaam also comes to know about her nature too, Rida and her mother are also very upset.


Zeeshan and her mother come to visit Hatim and his family, their main purpose is to talk about Rida’s proposal. Hatim and her mother very generously and whole heartily welcome them and Hatim calls Faham and Shameela to meet them and bring tea and snacks for them. Shameela serves them snacks but she does not sit for long. Rida enters and there is a romantic exchange of gazes. Zeeshan is love struck but Rida too is happy to see him again and it feels like her heart now starts beating for him. There is a cute romantic interaction scene them too. Rida’s mother asks for her proposal. Rida’s mother discusses it with Rida’s brothers Hatim really favors Zeeshaan and his proposal but Fahaam says its too early and they will marry off Rida to some good and really well off guy. However, Rida, on the other hand, is too happy with this proposal she is sharing her happiness with her friend when Shameela hears her and starts taunting her.

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