4 reasons why you should follow afternoon wedding trend

Today in the era of following trend we all try to come up with some unique ideas which will later be followed as a trend. In Pakistan, many of the celebrities tied the knot in day wedding taking the wedding events to a whole new level and setting a trend for the rest of the country to happily follow.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Nimal, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, designer Ali Xeeshan, and Meera Sethi are few of the high profile celebs whose weddings have been pretty trendy and made quite a stir on the social media as well. And not to forget Jibran Nasir’s engagement with Mansha Pasha was also a day affair.

Though in many areas unlike Karachi, days weddings are quite a normal thing, but this latest day wedding trend is also gripping up the Karahiites.

Here at Oyeyeah, we pick up four reasons why you should opt for a day wedding too:

Pictures come out nice in daylight:

The people who are fond of being photographed know that they need a good light and a good photographer. As we all know that natural light source is the best light to slay in the pictures. You don’t have to set artificial lights for your pictures to come out nice because you are all surrounded by the sunlight. In daylight, all your photo angles work best for you. You don’t have to waste your time setting up artificial lights because you have got the natural free source of light.

You can save electricity:

The load shedding is a common thing in Pakistan. Some parts of the country are still going through this crisis. Day time wedding is the best option to save electricity because a lot of light decoration is used for night events.

And for turning the lights on during the load shedding extra amount is required to arrange for a generator and its fuel. So the daylight is the best option to save one from all the hassle, and as we said above photos also turn out nice in daylight.

While the government is trying to get over this crisis so we should also show some responsibility towards it.

You get free before midnight:

The most incredible benefit of daylight event is that you don’t have to wait till midnight to get back home. Because you start off your event early so you also get free mostly in the evening unlike late at night at the wedding.

You can enjoy your event as much as you want without feeling tired because you know that you will go home and can sleep at your routine bedtime. Usually, at our wedding events, we get free pretty late and because of all the rituals and couldn’t be able to have a proper night’s sleep because then again you have to wake up early in the morning.

 Desired wedding decoration:         

Decoration plays an important role when it comes to achieving your desired event. Outdoor wedding venues are way better than those typical venues which have the same ambiance as every other in town. When you plan your wedding outdoor there are plenty of choices to make your big day perfect with your desired choices. You can make your event dreamy, traditional or royal. The decoration of the outdoor wedding can be up to your taste, any required touch can be given but that depends on your budget.



We think that now when you will plan your wedding it must be in daytime because you want your day to be as perfect as you are!

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