5 Best Ice Cream Spots in Pakistan

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.” These are the words of Charles Baxter from his book The Feast of Love. And why not? Ice cream is never, ever deceptive to anyone out there. We all love ice cream. Some are choosy about flavours, some simply love any flavor of ice cream; but to some extent, ice cream is one thing most of us can’t go well without.

However, since there is competition everywhere, now there are a lot of ice cream places. Honestly, some of them are not worth being called ice cream places because the ice cream from there is horrendous. It often gets difficult to find new places to eat ice cream if you want to try new flavours rather than sticking to your go-to. Therefore, here are 5 best ice cream spots in Pakistan that can never do you wrong.

  1. Cold Stone Creamery – Karachi, Lahore, & Islamabad

Okay, when it comes to one of the best ice cream chains in the world, Cold Stone Creamery can’t be left behind.  With its main focus on making delicious ice cream, the best part is that you get to customize your dessert. From choosing flavor to the selection of mixture to go on your topping, this one is definitely a must-try.

2.  Scream – Karachi & Lahore

Looking for something exciting and delicious at the same time? Scream is just the right place for you! When it comes to berry-flavoured ice creams, the first name that pops in mind is Scream. Also, if you haven’t tried their liquid nitrogen ice cream or haven’t seen how it is made, you’re missing a big deal, seriously.

3. Baloch Ice Cream – Karachi

Ice ceam full of flavour and smooth as velvet, Baloch Ice Cream is an iconic name when it comes to ice cream spots in Karachi. Their other desserts, especially faluda, are also their most liked offerings.

4. Guilty Pleasures – Lahore & Islamabad

It is always fun to see ice cream rolls in the making. And when you combine it with fulfilling taste, you can’t be left unsatisfied. With the option of over 30 flavours along with your favourite toping, Guilty pleasure is definitely an excellent option!

5. Peshawari Ice Cream at Saddar, Karachi

If you prefer gelato over cream-made ice cream, nothing beats Peshawari ice cream at Saddar, Karachi. Smooth gelato with the outburst of flavour, this is always a safe option when it comes to fulfill your sweet-tooth cravings.

What are your favourite ice cream spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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