Best Rehab Centers in Islamabad

Physical medicine and rehab, as well as drug abuse and criminal rehabilitation, are all included in the term “Rehabilitation Center”.

What is Rehab in General?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation encompass a variety of therapies aimed at assisting a person in regaining function following an illness or accident. These treatments may include; Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy. A substance rehab center is a clinic that specializes in treating addiction. There are a variety of drug rehab facilities available, each with its own environment, degree of care, and therapeutic approaches. One or more of these therapies will be available on the premises of a rehabilitation center. It’s possible that a rehabilitation clinic is solely for outpatients. In-patient rehabilitation is available at several hospitals.

Rehabilitation is used to help patients regain some or all of their physical, sensory, eating, communication, and cognitive skills that have been impaired due to accident, disability, or disease. Rehabilitation entails supporting the client in compensating for impairments that cannot be corrected medically and maximizing the affected person’s existing abilities. Professionals in rehabilitation also focus on habilitation, which is the process of assisting a child in obtaining developmental abilities when abnormalities have led to delayed or blocked initial learning. Habilitation might comprise cognitive, fine motor, social, gross motor, and other skills that help with movement, communication, and daily living activities while also improving quality of life. Each rehabilitation program is customized to the specific needs of each patient and may include one or more types of therapy. Family members are frequently involved in the rehabilitation process of their loved ones.

Rehabilitation In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the law enforcement government agencies are working hard to combat the drug epidemic, but there are a number of perpetrators who are relentlessly spreading the disease among the youngsters. These criminals are not only tied to young people but also distribute drugs to them in order to ruin their lives. According to a UN Office survey, around 6.7 million people in Pakistan are drug addicts who use cocaine, methadone, magic mushroom, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, injectable, ecstasy, LSD, anabolic steroids, diesel, glue, and other substances.

Despite the poor conditions of rehabilitation centers in Pakistan, the government and NGOs are still working effortlessly to come out with the best rehab centers to address each and every condition of the patient that requires any kind of rehabilitation facilities. There are a number of good rehab centers in Islamabad.

Best Rehab Centre in Islamabad

The Capital Territory of Islamabad is growing well in the rehab area, establishing new NGOs and maintaining the old ones with constant hard work. Out of the many organizations working in the field of rehab, one of the best rehab centers in Islamabad includes The Hope rehab center, MATRC Islamabad working under ANF (Anti-Narcotics Force), willing ways, PIMS hospital, NIRM (National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine), Nishan Rehabilitation Center.

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The Hope Rehab Center

The Hope Rehab is the best rehabilitation center in Islamabad. They follow the holistic approach to drug treatment and focus on all aspects of healing which include Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Healing.

The Hope Rehab is home to a number of highly skilled doctors and physicians with specialized knowledge and experience in their fields. It does, however, allow individuals to access therapy for whatever health concern they may have. Both male and female health care workers can consult with a patient. Along with other medical facilities, it provides rehab facilities to its patients as well.

PIMS Hospital

In PIMS hospital, the combination of electromedical equipment and correct physical activities is used to deliver physiotherapy services. Physiotherapists assist in the rehabilitation of hospitalized patients on a regular basis and whenever a request is made for their assistance. It is extremely beneficial if the cause for referral is clearly stated and a compelling case is made for seeking such assistance.


Nirm is one of the best centers available in Pakistan. They have really good facilities and provide care to their patients. Also, their staff is very helpful and cooperative. They have therapy techniques that are tested and researched before implementation.

Nishan Rehabilitation Center

Nishan Foundation is a prominent organization in drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation services that are registered with the Pakistani government. They believe that cultivating interior serenity is easier with a humble mindset. Nishan Center, a Nishan Foundation affiliate, is drug addiction and attitudinal recovery institution.

Willing Ways

Willing Ways is Pakistan’s most prestigious addiction treatment facility. The Rehabilitation Center, Counseling Services, Psychiatrist Services, and Psychiatrist Crisis Management are some of its services.


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