Rabies Free Pakistan Initiative by Getz Pharma and The Indus Hospital is Changing the Way We Look At Stray Dogs

Rabies Free Pakistan is an initiative of Indus Hospital and Getz Pharma which promotes co-existence between humans and animals, and works towards eliminating rabies from Pakistan through humane methods, as opposed to resorting to dog culling. This is in line with the WHO goal to eliminate rabies by 2030 (Zero By 30).
With the increasing number of rabies deaths in Pakistan, it is imperative to work towards rabies elimination awareness, advocacy, dogs neutering, and spaying and mass dog vaccinations. The RFP program follows international standards and WHO-approved protocols to initiate this program in Pakistan.
mass dog vaccinations
To date, the Rabies Free Pakistan (RFP) team has vaccinated more than 30,000 dogs and neutered/spayed around 4000 dogs across Pakistan. Currently, Rabies Free Pakistan is funding all expenses for this program out-of-pocket.
dogs neutering
Despite the progress made by RFP, there is still a long way to go in the fight against rabies in Pakistan. For this purpose, RFP requires support from people who actively work towards animal welfare. RFP also wants to create awareness for this cause, and are currently open to accepting donations to help them fund their on-field work.
You can donate to this noble cause by clicking on the link below:

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