Cope with dry skin in these simple steps!

Oily skinned people think that dry skinned people are privileged to have such skin. But only dry skinned people know how hard it is to take care of their skin. And the fear of early wrinkling on face is yet another threat if one doesn’t properly take care of the skin having such problems.

However, this is nothing to worry about if you adapt a healthy skincare regime. I know people are afraid of spending money on products that are not guaranteed to work on their skin. Therefore, here are some easy, over-the-counter tips to keep your dry skin nourished without splurging on products.

Make sure you are NOT dehydrated.

Dehydration makes things worse, not only for dry skin but for oily skin as well. But dry skin needs extra hydration in order to help their skin breathe better. Washing your face every now and then will NOT help your skin, instead it will take away moisture which is already there.

Washing face and hair with warm or cool water instead of hot water is actually very helpful. Hot water evaporates quickly and takes away any hydration which is there on your skin. It causes dry patches, scaling and dandruff in hair, lashes and sometimes lash line.

Keep with yourself a hydrating moisturizer all the time

It is never helpful to make your skin dependent on products. However, I would suggest to keep a hydrating moisturizer or cream with yourself. Whenever you feel like your hands are cracking or skin of your face is drying, apply some of the product as an instant remedy. Nivea creme and Nivea soft creme are very affordable and amazing products for this purpose.
For long term effect, do the following.

Moisturize with oils or oil based moisturizer once in a while

Oil based moisturizer are great for dry skin. But I personally think no product can do what oils can do.

Gently massage coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil or argan oil onto your skin and give it at least 30 minutes on your skin. After the time passes, gently massage again and you’ll notice dead and dried skin will eventually be separated on the surface. You can then dab off the excess oil or debris with cotton.

Always go for gentle, fragrance free/ mild fragrance  facial cleanser or face wash. Never wash your face with bar soaps!

When you take out a soap bar out of its pack, use it for a while and then leave it unused, you’d notice that it starts getting cracked. This is what happens to your skin as well when you wash your face with bar soaps. Instead, choose a very gentle cleanser that does not form much lather and is hypoallergenic.


Hydrating toner

The best option for an on-the-go, affordable and hydrating toner is rose water. You can spray it on your face any time of the day, whenever you want.

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