Food Review: Cheesing up the food game is “Meat The Cheese”

There are all kinds of restaurants opening up these days, with unique names. But they offer the same run of the mill food. Only few, take a chance to offer something different. In my visits earlier, I knew Meat The Cheese falls in the latter category. Here is what I learned about the restaurant and its offering in my 3 visits.

The Location

Picking a restaurant, especially on a weekend is not an easy chore. Among the many considerations, one of the main one is will there be parking? Bukhari Commercial Area is not yet as populated as some other streets of Defence, so the best thing about the location is there is plenty of room for parking.

The Ambiance

It was Saturday evening and the restaurant was buzzing. Despite not having huge space, the table placement is considerate of customer’s personal space. We go to these fancy restaurants and you are cramped as they try to fit in as many tables as possible. The lighting, wall papers, and color scheme; all add to the overall experience.

The Menu

There is a lot of hard work that has gone into the menu selection. We go these restaurant which have like 100s of items. Each item is fairly similar to 25 different in the list. Meat The Cheese has kept it different. It has relatively selective offering but each option is different than the other. They aren’t simply filling up the space. Also, the design and colour scheme is eye catching.

The Service

The owner Mustafa Totana was kind enough to give us a brief introduction and then directed a staff member to help us out. He was knowledgeable, courteous and never over bearing. In trying to be helpful at times staff can disturb you too much. But the work force at Meat The Cheese is different. As I mentioned earlier, having visited earlier I know this is their usual practice.

The Food

Now to the critical part i.e. The Food. As I had been there earlier I had some idea of what the offerings are. I wanted to try something new.  On recommendation we got The Finest Cut steak (Beef) and Our Deep Fried Pride.

The Finest Cut Steak (Beef)

The Finest Cut is flavoursome and tender. I have had steaks in quite a few countries. This one matches up to any. Slow cooked for hours, the finest cut is one of the best steaks in Karachi. The flavour of the meat and cheese cuts mix well to offer something unique. The sauce compliments the taste. It makes for a wonderful eating experience. What makes it more special is the show put on by the waiter. It will definitely salivate your taste buds. Next time I want a steak, I am definitely landing here.

Our Deep Fried Pride

How can I have more Cheese? The answer was with Our Deep Fried Pride. A massive boneless chicken piece swimming in the most delectable pool of cheese. To be honest, it’s rare for me to order chicken in a restaurant, but I am glad I went of this one. My issue usually is that the meat is not flavorful and you have to put in extra sauces to make it worthwhile. But this was different. It was crispy, and the flavor of cheese blended perfectly with the chicken.

Brazilian punch

I was asked what type of drink I would like. I wanted something light, which suits with all the meat and cheese I am about have. The perfect mocktail was presented to me in shape of Brazilian punch. It was slightly sweet and didn’t fill me up. So I had room for my mains.



A refreshing mocktail. Mojito is not always easy to make. I have been to restaurants where I ordered Mojito and get something close to Limo pani. At Meat The Choose however, it was on point.


Do you need more convincing? It’s reasonably priced considering what the market is offering and how different their product is. Try it out and you wont regret it!



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