Foreign Men & Women Now Allowed To Share Rooms In Saudi Arabia

Now that's some serious modernization in the KSA!

Foreign Men Women Now Allowed To Share Rooms In Saudi Arabia

There has been a serious wave of modernization in Saudi Arabia in recent years. Not only has the Kingdom finally opened its doors for cinemas, but women are also now allowed to drive and there have been fashion shows and concerts in the region as well.

Following the Crown Prince’s plan for modernization in the region, a new tourist visa regime to attract foreign holidaymakers has been launched in KSA.

According to this plan, foreign men and women will now be allowed to rent hotel rooms together in the Kingdom without having to give proof of relation. Saudi women will also be permitted to rent hotel room themselves, as a breakthrough.

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This move will definitely increase the flux of unaccompanied women traveling to KSA and give a boost to tourism in the region as well. Earlier men and women, foreigners or Saudi nationals, related or unrelated would be severely punished for mingling in public. However, now social codes and regulations have been relaxed in the region.

“All Saudi nationals are asked to show family ID or proof of relationship on checking into hotels. This is not required for foreign tourists. All women, including Saudis, can book and stay in hotels alone, providing ID on check-in,” said the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in an interview with a magazine.

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