What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day?

People Mother’s Day is just around the corner on the 13th of May! Your mothers will be expecting something special coming their way. No matter where you are, what you may be doing, it is important that you plan something beautiful to make thus day extra special for your mom. A small and loving gesture can go a long way in your relation ship with your mother. So just two more days to go, what do you have in mind?

If you are one of those people who completely forgot that its mother’s day in two days, then dont worry we’re here to help male your mom’s day extra special! Here are a few gift ideas that wont be too hard on your pocket:


  1. A Box of CHOCOLATES! – No matter what the occasion, a box of chocolates will be the most desirable gift that will surely make any occasion a perfect one, and well who doesn’t love chocolates? Am I right? There are plenty of Mother’s Day decorated chocolate boxes available in the market right now, go and grab one right now from the nearest mall!
  2. A Piece of Jewelry- Women love accessorizing and we all know that. No matter what the age, nothing can be better than a set of jewelry that compliments your Mother’s beauty. Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day by gifting her some nice earrings or necklace. Make sure you know what she likes and choose the jewelry according. Guess what? A pair of beautiful decent silver earrings will not cost you more than 3000, so get up and grab one already!
  3. Scented Candles- If your mother is someone who loves a good fragrance around the house then buy some good fragrant candles this mother’s day day for her and see the magic happen. Sweet smelling candles have a way to make it to a person’s heart and we’re sure it will impress your mom. Check out the link below and order one for your mother soon: 
  4.  A Box of Memories- Nothing would probably say i love You more than a DIY box made by yourself with memories of you and your mother together. What could be better than making her relive those precious memories spent together as a family? So get your crafty skills to work and DIY a box full of love made specially for your mom! Trust me, she’ll love it!

Let us know what you’re getting your mom this Mother’s Day in the comments below! :)

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