Indian Muslims Deprived of Rooh Afza This Ramadan!

The non-carbonated beverage is short from the market, and it’s because of a family dispute in the company


Ramadan is here and for Muslims of sub-continent, Rooh Afza is an integral part of the Iftaar. Unfortunately, Muslims in India are in a fix as their favorite Ramadan beverage is unavailable in the market thus making their Iftaar spreads incomplete.

Although Rooh Afza has been missing in the Indian market for quite some time now, it is now because of Ramadan people have taken it to social media to voice their concerns to Hamdard Laboratories, makers of the beverage.

According to the company the shortage is due to unavailability of ‘raw material’, however, sources claim that it is because the maker family of Indian Rooh Afza, known as ‘Rooh Afza Sharbat’, has an ongoing legal dispute due to which the production of the beverage is at the halt.

The conflict is between the current Chief Mutawalli (CEO) Abdul Majeed and his cousin Hammad Ahmed who is claiming his right to the chairmanship. Both Abdul Majeed and Hammad Ahmed are great-grandsons of founder Hamdard, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed and nephews of-of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed who setup Hamdard Laboratories Waqf Pakistan soon after the partition.

CEO and MD Rooh Afza Pakistan has even offered the Indian Muslims to send a bigger supply from Pakistan if the Indian Government permits.

While the Indian Rooh Afza is facing a major setback, the Pakistani counterpart is thriving. Not only Pakistani Rooh Afza’s price is skyrocketed in India, but the company is also cashing in its recent export license to Bangladesh and other countries. The popularity of the drink has grown so exponentially over the years that Rooh Afza has now launched a carbonated version in Pakistan.


the authorAisha Arshad