Internet is Divided Because of a Man on a Swing

Internet is a funny place and often more than not some random problem takes over the senses of netizens. This time around it’s a man on a swing – just minding his own business – that has gotten internet in frenzy.

Which direction is the man swinging in? The Internet seems to be divided over the answer.

While some see this random dude facing the camera (including yours truly), others are disagreeing that this guy is facing the building behind.

Umm.. *scratches head*.. *watches the video a hundredth time*

Yep still feels he’s facing the camera.

So once again the internet has gotten into an argument like it did on that blue and golden dress or that Yanny Laura audio piece. And like old times, it seems like the differences will prevail and no definite right or wrong would come out.

Experts on the subject – perception, and stuff – say that it’s just how different brains work. While what you perceive is 100% accurate as per your perception, the other people’s opinion isn’t untrue either because that’s how they perceive it.

So what do you think of this man on the swing? Which direction is he swinging in eh?


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