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JazzCash Partners with the University of Punjab

Students will be able to pay their fees through their mobile accounts as well over the counter (OTC) which will make the entire process of paying fees short and easy.


JazzCash, the country’s leading mobile financial service provider, has partnered with the University of Punjab, a public research university, to digitize education payments to provide convenience to all students, parents as well as the organization, itself.

Jazz, as an organization, has always shown interest in the country’s youth and is always trying to find better ways to provide the youth with the best facilities possible to make their everyday lives easier. Not only that, but Jazz is also unwavering in its quest to make Pakistan a digital country and thus is working hard towards the digitization of the country.

With this partnership between JazzCash and Punjab University, students, parents and teachers alike will face ease while handling their education payments. JazzCash aims to revolutionize education fee payments nationwide and this partnership is the 1st step towards this revolution.

JazzCash, a mobile financial service offering under Jazz’s ecosystem has over 80,000 retail outlets across Pakistan. JazzCash offers a broad portfolio of Branchless Banking services for customers including online payments, bill payments, fee payments, money transfer, bank transfers, ATM cards, insurance, and payments for a variety of services.

Aamer Ejaz – Chief Digital Officer at Jazz stated, “JazzCash is creating an ecosystem with an increased focus on digital financial services, educational institutes, and platforms. This partnership allows us to provide the youth of this country with an easy and quick way of paying their fees.”

He added, “At Jazz, our goal of digitalizing Pakistan is always our number one priority and partnerships like these help us get one step closer to reaching that goal.”

Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar – Vice Chancellor at Punjab University spoke on the occasion, saying, “The University of Punjab has taken the initiative to facilitate its students by using modern technologies. The agreement with Jazz will help the students for payment of university dues and fee without any trouble”

Students will be able to pay their fees through their mobile accounts as well over the counter (OTC) which will make the entire process of paying fees short and easy.

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