Leopards Courier’s Declined Service: Article Lost in Transaction

Get all your documents, parcels and other shipments delivered absolutely the next day with our overnight express service, says Leopards Courier service. However, it seems like my experience is one exceptional one!

A letter posted on Sep 2, after being undelivered for almost a month was found to be lost during the transaction.

However, the company did not bother to inform the recipient till now officially. But the person who sent the article was told that the courier company has lost the letter. Volia!

Here is how this whole amazing expericene with the Leapord Courier Company had been.

It was on September 2, an official letter was posted for a work from the home employee (that’s me) to be received the very next day.

official letter

It started well as a notification message was received on the mobile phone from the courier saying that the letter will be delivered within the next 1 or 2 working days!

notification message

On September 14, after inquiring about the status of the letter delivery, information was provided that the delivery man came to the said address on Sep 4 and went back as no one was at home! Hey guys which home are you talking about? who said no one was at the home? what are the mentioned phone numbers for?

phone numbers

A request was made for the delivery again, the customer service person said it will be delivered within a day!

On September 7, received a call that delivery will be made tomorrow! yeah, right tomorrow never comes!

Meanwhile, during this period online shopping orders were being received on my address from all across Pakistan and we were found home! It was the same address provided to Leopard Courier!

On September 16, I again inquired about the customer service about the status of the delivery and after providing the tracking no. I was informed that my request was under process and I will be informed shortly.

Its September 22, still no updates! Yes, this is Naya Pakistan we live in!

With whom it may concern we don’t know. But for sure there won’t be any recommendation from my side to acquire services from this courier company and for within the station letters or parcels I will be collecting them personally. The letter posted contains confidential documents and there is no update where it went!

Meanwhile, by end of the month, there was a reply to the sender of the letter that they have lost the article and said sorry for the inconvenience!

They say ‘FASTER THAN YOUR IMAGINATION’, but my imagination has gone wild by now!

leopards courier



Saman Siddiqui

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