Master Molty Foam Wins Defamation Suit Against Diamond Supreme Foam

The latter had run an ad campaign to target the farmer's famous "papa ki pari" phrase


Ad wars are always interesting and competitors often come up with ideas targeting each other’s brand identities and taglines. In one of the latest incidents, Diamond Supreme Foam took a dig at Master Molty Foam and as fans anticipated a reaction ad from the latter, they had a court notice to service.

In Ali Zafar and Mehwish Hayat starrer ad, Diamond Supreme Foam used the famous Molty Foam catchphrase “Papa ki pari” to market their online selling point.

Additionally, a campaign was run all over the country, with billboards saying ‘Papa Jani, I have switched to Diamond Supreme Foam, love your pari”.

While the ad campaign left audiences in laughter or astonishment, it, of course, didn’t go really well with Master who sent a request to PEMRA to take action on the said ad.

As a result, PEMRA and court issued a decision in favor of Molty Foam and Diamond Supreme has been ordered to take down its ad and billboards. As per the decision, Master Molty Foam has won the case against Diamond Industries Ltd. (Diamond Foam) and the latter is barred from using the ‘papa ki pari’ phrase now.

Talk about trump move going sideways!

the authorAisha Arshad