Pakistani truck art lands in Doha ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

Pakistani artiste mural painting has been completed after two weeks' efforts in Doha, Qatar

Pakistani truck art has reached Doha ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022!

As reported, Pakistani artiste mural painting after being completed after two weeks’ efforts in Doha, Qatar, is on display at the Doha Museum ahead of the much anticipated FIFA World Cup.

The mural has been completed by artists from the art group Phool Patti led by Ali Salman Anchan.

The Phool Patti group was invited to Qatar as part of an official partnership with the Qatar Museum for its local program, Jedariart, in Doha this year.

Taking it to Instagram, the artist shared the development.

Ali Salman Anchan captioned his post saying: “We are invited to an official partnership with the Qatar Museum for its local program, Jedariart, in Doha this year 2022 Phool Patti team under the leadership of founder Ali Salman Anchan and other members Mumtaz Ahmad, and Muhammad Amin, Phool Patti is proud to be promoting Pakistani truck art and the beauty of Pakistan’s heritage and art in Doha, Qatar.

“The best part of Jedariart is the Pakistani truck art mural and the Indian Truck Mural side-by-side I am sure people get more ideas from both countries’ truck art, I’m sure the world will know why Pakistan truck art is famous for how we decorated our truck.

“Our mural is considered one of the best in Doha. The truck art mural is the embodiment of Phool Patti’s dedication to the cause of promoting Pakistan’s rich heritage and culture.

“We tried to design our best masterpiece and Alhamdulillah received an outstanding response, everybody started loving it.

“And also thanked the @qatar_museums for the wonderful opportunity and amazing hospitality, what a learning experience for us. Jedari art is a very creative initiative by Qatar Special thanks to @sarahforyame, @alya_alkhalifa, and, #Dimitrije for all arrangements and everything

“And best of luck to @allindiapermit you guys did a great job and also best of luck for coming projects. and thank you to all partners who supported this beautiful project. @salwabeachresort @ashghalqatar, and #WOQOD @jotunqatar. Our big thanks to our magical Phool Patti team members Mumtaz Bhai and Amit Bhai.”

Check out Phool Patti’s Truck Art Mural:


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