Palestine Cola’s demand surges

Coca-Cola and Pepsi rival Palestine Drinks hits multimillion sales ahead of global push

Palestine Cola’s demand continues to surge as consumers boycott the US brands over perceived ties to Israel.

The sales of Palestine Cola have reached four million cans in the past two months. 

A Palestinian-Swedish brand told a news outlet that it faced challenges to meet the soaring demand for the drinks.

The three entrepreneurs from Malmo with Palestinian roots, Hussein, Mohammed, and Ahmad Hassoun created an alternative to popular soft drink brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola six months ago.

The Hassoun brothers aim to raise awareness about Palestine and support charities helping people affected by the conflict in Gaza and the West Bank.

The cans of the fizzy drink are adorned with meaningful Palestinian symbols like olive branches and a traditional keffiyeh pattern, prominently displaying the slogan “liberty for everyone.”



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“We’ve devised a plan aimed at aiding our fellow Palestinians, with a special focus on the children of Gaza,” said Hussein Hassoun, in a message in Arabic on social media.

“Our initiative involves a charity organisation run by two dedicated lawyers. Their mission is to channel funds directly to the people of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza.”


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This brand has quickly garnered millions of social media hits and attracted interest from companies worldwide looking to stock its cola.


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