How To Save The Most With Online Shopping in Summer

 Over the past few months, we have seen a constant rise in inflation rates in Pakistan and it keeps getting worse. Not only have we witnessed rising inflation, but the rising temperatures have made it almost impossible for a normal human being to step out in the sun even if it’s for a minute. What once was a season of fun has now become a season of nothing but worries. But with the rising inflation rates and temperature, how does one expect to shop for their summer essentials? Don’t let the summer heat kill your passion for fashion.

Fulfill all your shopping needs online through Savyour, Pakistan’s first savings platform. You no longer need to step out of your comfort home, under the sun, and use what’s left of your precious fuel all the way to the mall, wasting not only your time but energy. Say goodbye to the traditional way of shopping in-store and now do all the shopping your heart desires with just a phone in your hand.

Shopping for summer essentials always starts with a wardrobe upgrade, especially for all the ladies out there. What’s a summer without cool new outfits to wear? We all want to stay at the top of the trend to flaunt the best outfits in town. When it comes to shopping for new clothes this season, lawn fabric is usually the first choice to go for due to its comfort and a wide variety of color & design options available. SAYA is a great brand to look out for as they heavily focus on luxury, elegance & couture details & provide sleek, sophisticated, and polished sartorial options for every individual out there.

With SAYA, shopping for your wardrobe essentials has never been easier! You will find a vast variety of collections available; ranging from Summer Lawn to Chikankari to Jacquard and even Menswear. These options are available for both unstitched and Ready-To-Wear, depending on what you require. You have to check out their newest collections this year; Summer Blaze, Floral Bliss & Lilac Collection. There is something for everyone and for every occasion, whether it be a casual day at home, a day at work, or a fun family gathering over the weekend.

With so many options available, shoppers are bound to fall into a pool of confusion but then having more variety can also be a good thing because it gets easier to buy the exact items of your choice. If you’re worried about SAYA being heavy on your pockets, then fret not! SAYA has an ongoing mid-season sale with discounts up to 40% off available on various collections. Here’s a fun little tip for you: if you shop on SAYA through Savyour, you will also get 3.5% cashback on top of the discounts. And if you use a VISA card to pay online, expect a 100% BONUS cashback in your wallet!

It is fairly easy to place an order online on SAYA’s website as it has a very user-friendly interface making it simple to navigate around and browse through various collections until you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can place an order on call and through messenger as well but it is important to mention the article number, color, and size of the product you want to purchase. Local orders usually take 4-6 working days, whereas international orders can take between 10-15 working days. All the orders placed during SALE, take up to 6-8 working days. So what exactly are you waiting for? Now, don’t waste any more time and grab your phone to shop till you drop! Your wardrobe will thank you later.


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