#savethebear: Celebrities Come Out in Support of Helpless Bear in Karachi Zoo

A video of Karachi Zoo has recently gone viral on social media as a thirsty baby bear, visibly hot and probably hungry, is seen panting and seeking help from visitors around her. The video has gotten the attention of Pakistani celebrities as well who have come out to support the helpless animal.

First and foremost it was actress Mashal Khan who took to Instagram and shared the video thus bringing it to her colleague’s attention.

“I’m sick to my stomach after learning of this poor baby at the Karachi zoo,” wrote the actress.

“Being jailed without food, water, health care. Look at her panting. Look at the size of her nails. Look at her fur. Look at the agony in her eyes; begging onlookers for help. Please help her by raising your voice against this. Shut down Karachi zoo! It is pure evil! Put an end to this!” she added.

The video was then also shared by Ushna Shah who rightly pointed on how a zoo is a jail where all inmates are innocent. The actress penned a lengthy note alongside the video and a picture of a healthy bear in its own habitat.

“Pehlee doh videos hein Karachi Zoo mein eik reech kee jo garmee mein tarap raha hei. Teesri image hei eik reech kee jo apnay kudratee mohawl mein hei (The first two videos are of a bear panting because of the heat at the Karachi zoo, while the last image shows a baby bear in its natural habitat),” wrote the Balaa actress.

“Zoo eik eisee jail hei jahan sab qaidee bey-gunah hein (Zoo is a jail where all inmates are innocent),” Ushna wrote.

The actress then added that the display of animals in the cage is downright cruel and inhumane, and zoos should be shut down. “If someone is keen on seeing animals they should go to their own habitats,” said actress while mentioning the places that nature has meant for animals.

“Zoo aur marine-animal shows ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye aur apney dosto aur rishtaydaron ko bhee samjhayein key janwaron ki numaish karna aur dekhna shadeed bey-rehmi hei (Do not support zoos and marine animal shows and please educate your family and friends too, help them understand that display of animals and watching such shows is cruel),” Ushna concluded.


Another actress to raise voice on the matter was Armeena Rana Khan who is known for time and again speaking up on important humanitarian issues.

“Here we go again, This time it’s the Karachi zoo. This poor bear is thirsty, extremely hot, and probably very, very hungry. The poor creature will die if something isn’t done for it. Please help,” tweeted Armeena after which she also tagged authorities to look into the matter.


The celebrities did not just limit themselves to social media posting. Mashal Khan then also announced on Instagram that she and a group is filing a constitutional petition in Sindh High Court for the freedom of the bear hailing from Sukkur. The actress also shared details of the attorneys for the case to get more petitioners on board.


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