Shopping and saving CAN go hand in hand!

With the country heading towards digitization, more and more Pakistanis have started opting for online shopping not only for bigger purchases but also for day-to-day necessities. From ordering food to upgrading mobile phones, customers’ trust in e-commerce has been growing. However, with hundreds and thousands of products at their fingertips, it is easy to get carried away and end up spending more than one intended to. This is where Savyour comes in – Pakistan’s first and only cashback app that was launched in 2020.

While several existing e-commerce platforms and banks offer loyalty points to their customers, cashback is not the same as what it essentially means is that users are saving hard cash. Globally, this mechanism has become a part of online shopping behaviour with players like Rakuten and Ibotta gaining a lot of popularity. The idea of using a cashback app as a companion for online shopping essentially means encouraging a saving mentality among users – the money they save is what they were going to spend anyway!

What Savyour offers its users is termed ‘triple-stacked savings’ – on top of brand sales/deals and bank card discounts, the percentage of cashback promised on each partner brand will be delivered regardless of the order’s size. As soon as an order is marked close by the partner brand (the number of days allotted to the return cycle), the cashback amount is immediately released and credit to the user’s Savyour Wallet which they can then redeem to their bank account or digital wallet. The app provides direct access to hundreds of brands across multiple categories, providing users ample opportunity to accumulate savings over time.

How does it work? Download the app, sign up and start browsing through the app to find brands of your choice. Once you have decided which brand you want to shop from, route on their website directly from Savyour’s app, and your cashback will automatically be activated. Besides cash back, there are also several exclusive deals and ongoing discounts available on the app.

Online shopping in Pakistan is still an emerging sector and we have a long way to go before customers become fully comfortable making their purchases online, but the past two years have jumpstarted the process towards turning this into a reality. Shoppers need more education and awareness of the benefits that online shopping has to offer – not only can they save money but also a precious time that can be utilized in a more productive manner.

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