Six Must Try Meaty Recipes On This Eid

Let those muttons and beefs get rolling up in the kitchen

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Eid Ul Azha or commonly known as ‘Bakra Eid’ is here and in all honesty that’s what this festive occasion is about, Bakras and more (insert favorite meat here) and the scrumptious food. Another part of the three-day fun is those big fat family gatherings but since due to COVID-19 we are a little crunched there, we thought why not uplift the mood with the oh so good food.

Here are the top six must-try recipes on this Eid and as a bonus, we have tried them too so you can be worry-free from a disaster.

Top pick: Shinwari Mutton Karahi

Food Fusion is one of the most sought after food channels on the internet and if we may dare say, it’s also one of the most reliable ones. Try this recipe for yourself once and there’s no going back.

Mutton Namkeen

If you have ever been to Naran and had the chance to try the finger-licking good namkeen gosht, this one will hit the right chord for you as it does for us. This recipe by Cook with Lubna is a personal go-to as a festive meal.

Raan Roast

Mastering the art of raan is no easy feat, but this no oven, no hassle Ruby Ka Kitchen roasted mutton leg will land you in the league of master chefs – you may be the next kitchen expert Ghazal of your clan too. Win win!

Beef Tikka Boti

What’s a Bakra Eid without some classic BBQ and it’s even better when enjoyed with the family. This Eid try the Food Fusion beef tikka boti recipe and instead of calling everyone over, send some of this delicious goodness.

Seekh Kabab

Now the perfect barbecue plan may not happen with you for more than a few reasons but to uplift the spirit, Rookie with a Cookie has this fool proof oven recipe of Seekh Kabab. The taste will fulfill the craving and the ease will make it your favorite forever.

Mutton/Beef Yakhni Pulao

And once you’re done with all those botis and tikkas and meaty-ness, resort to the comfort of this pulao recipe by Kitchen with Amna. While this recipe calls for mutton, you can opt for the same method if you want to try beef pulao. Needless to say, it’s scrumptious anyway.

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