Success Story: Meet Karachi’s Asad Raza a Fruit-seller’s son who graduated as an Electrical Engineer

A dream for this young man came true who hails from Khuda Ki Basti a slum in Karachi.

Asad Raza a Fruit-seller’s sonAsad Raza a Fruit-seller’s son | OyeYeah News

Meet Karachi’s Asad Raza, a fruit-seller’s son who graduated as an Electrical Engineer!

Muhammad Asad Raza graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI).

As reported, the Citizens Foundation (TCF), a nonprofit that assisted Asad Raza with all of his core educational needs, helped him finish his early schooling.

Asad proved to be a bright student during the four semesters.

He received the GIKI Dean’s Honor Roll Award.

He was also given the A.L.I.P.H. Award (Ardour, Leadership, Integrity, Perseverance, and Humility) by TCF College in honor of his excellent accomplishment.

His father is a fruit seller and continued to support Asad’s education.

The dream of this young man came true who hails from Khuda Ki Basti a slum in Karachi.

Today Asad is employed in one of the country’s leading software houses.

Acknowledging the spirit of this young man, TCF Pakistan in a tweet said, “We are proud of Asad Raza, a TCF School & College Alumnus, who recently graduated from GIKI and is all set to begin his first job! Asad hails from Khuda Ki Basti and his father sells fruits to make a living. To empower a child through education, donate.”

Speaking about his achievement, Asad Raza expressed his gratitude to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and said, “My father is a fruit seller. It would have been very difficult for me to study at a good school and college if it was not for TCF. I am grateful for the academic and financial support I have received from TCF throughout my journey that has made this triumph possible.”

There are many underprivileged but talented youngsters out there who need proper guidance and some support to stand on their feet in this society.

We hope to see more of such success stories in the future as a number of nonprofit organizations are working in Pakistan in Education sector.

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