TECNO Mobile Donates Life Supplies to Far Flung Flood Affected Areas

TECNO Funds For Flood campaignTECNO Mobile Donates Life Supplies to Far Flung Flood Affected Areas | OyeYeah News

Immediate relief initiatives have been currently in progress to save affected areas in interior Sindh, whereas more neighborhoods in the Province were deluged as the flash flood proceeded its berserk on the left bank of the River Indus. Floods swept away everything in those areas. Locals are facing serious problems due to displacement and loss of their valuable belongings. TECNO Mobile, a well-renowned smartphone brand, comes forward to support people in need looking for help.

TECNO Mobile, jointly with its staff in Pakistan recently donated tons of life supplies to flood victims in form of food, medical care, and shelter in far-flung affected areas of Sindh Province. They initiated the #TECNOFundsForFlood campaign on social media to raise people’s awareness.

Team TECNO is working with local authorities to deliver tons of rice, flour, sugar, and other necessities to Interior Sindh Province during these unprecedented times. The flood water recedes in several provinces; however, Sindh is severely affected, especially in the areas of Kunri and Umarkot.

Accessibility to the affected regions is considered a critical resource during any emergency. Therefore, a significant portion of the TECNO support team focused on reaching unreachable areas to provide necessities to the affected population. All roads and buildings have been swept away, and some of the volunteers are using boats to deliver food and other necessities to individuals in remote places.

The TECNO’s team has been personally visiting these remote flood-affected areas to provide life supplies and show empathy. They believe that along with monetarily aiding, flood victims need emotional support more than anything else. The smartphone brand is pleased to support flood victims while they are struggling to survive and get back to their normal lives. Team TECNO is helping all homeless people in rehabilitation by providing shelter and food provisions.

These crucial times demand the Pakistani Nation to gather and help one another through these restoration challenges. TECNO feels privileged to provide support and assistance to those who are struggling in this difficult situation. In these difficult situations, flood victims are waiting for our help. Every individual must participate in this good work, and contribute as much as they can to help save people’s lives


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