“The Student Promise” plans to launch its service in Pakistan

Report by Shoaib Mehmood, Karachi.

The Student Promise a leading global career development portal, is to launch in Pakistan. Originally based in the UK, the company bridges the gap between education and employment. Powered by the “EPSN workforce group”, a leading recruitment agency, The Student Promise offers a complete solution for not just securing the desired job, but lifelong career growth and development.

Students, recent graduates and experienced professionals in Pakistan who sign up with the service will get access to an online portal where a career consultant will review the information provided and identify potential matches with the students’ chosen career path. This state-of-the-art career development portal is equipped with innovative tools and software that help subscribers upgrade their skills to become a more attractive prospect to potential employers.

According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistani universities have been producing over half a million graduates, including over 10,000 IT graduates annually since 2010. While there are currently 3 million students enrolled in grades 13 through 16 in different colleges and universities. Although this rising enrollment has contributed to Pakistan`s growing human capital, there is also a significant increase in the overall unemployment rate which has grown over the years from 1.4% in the 1980s, to 5.90% in 2019.

Most of this unemployment rate is attributed to the lack of career counseling.  Students in major universities of Pakistan do not have proper career guidance, which leads them to develop skills that might not be the perfect match for the current job market. As a result, these graduates face poorer prospects and lower earnings as compared to their peers who embark on careers that are a better fit for the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

The Student Promise offers an innovative solution to this problem. Not only are their career consultants going to provide personalized advice on the path that students can take to get desired employment, but they will also help them in gaining valuable skills desired by potential employers.

Anyone from Pakistan can subscribe, and gain access to these services and getting their desired job through the EPSN Workforce Group’s global network. While this service will give Pakistanis youth access to local as well as global job markets, it will help reduce unemployment and strengthen the economy.

After the initial launch, The Student Promise further plans to work with corporate companies to help them find the best talent available for their organizations.


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