There’s more to fitness than weight loss!

So, what is fitness?

Physical smartness? Toned muscles? Trimed waistline? Weight loss?

Perhaps yes,  but actual fitness is in our daily life which is regular interaction, communication and exchanging experiences with the people around us.

The Word “fitness” has been broadly limited for inch loss, toned body muscles, trimmed waist line, but as per my opinion and experience it has endless benefits.

Fitness has many dimensions like your emotions, psychological health, internal health, happiness, beauty (skin,hair,nails,glow,acne)…your outlook to inlook, your family to friends, your psychology to physiology. First of all one needs to be fit from their mind which holds all their body.

Mental health includes our emotional,psychological and social well-being. It is important with respect to how we function and adapt whether our lives are satisfied and productive. And so the mood and the physical well being plays a major role, along with circumstances one is living amongst.

For mental and physical fitness one needs to change their lifestyle, get around enthusiastic people, get rid of negativity and typical mindsets, have balanced and healthy diet, choose their favorite sport, yoga or any exercise, spend quality time with your family and friends and try to sit with kids and experienced older people as well. Not only will this make one learn more, it’ll broaden their horizons.

So yes, we should come out of the box and think openly and analyse ourselves daily if we want to stay fit. Give yourself daily 30 to 40 mins. It will help you to boost your morale.
Nazia Jawad
Specialist Fitness and Nutrition

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