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This Selfie Museum in Budapest is the Coolest Place of Today!

A museum in Budapest, capital of Hungary was established to cater the generation who lives off the Instagram likes


One thing that the digital age brought with its dawn is the ever growing trend of selfies. Whether you live in the east or the west, whether you’re a diehard Shahid Afridi fan or worship Sachin Tendulkar, selfie is the one thing that connects us all beyond borders.

Over the years the practice of selfie has become such a norm that a museum in Budapest, capital of Hungary was established to cater the generation who lives off the Instagram likes.


Named Museum of Sweets and Selfies or ‘Selfie Museum’ as popularly known was opened last year in Budapest and since then has hosted 30,000 visitors. The museum that is designed around funky colors, shapes, props and hangings allows its visitors to take creative and extra kind of selfies that help the social media users up their game. Plus point it also offers a variety of sweets, candies and cakes for you to taste and take pictures with!

“Here you can stand out from the crowd, perhaps by finding a crazy new perspective like an aerial photo, or by playing with the quirky props,” said Lilla Gangel co-founder of the selfie museum.


“There are more and more places on the internet where you can share photos, we´re living in this type of world now, whether we like it or not,” she added as she elaborated on the purpose of the studio that she and her partner Balazs Koltai established after taking inspiration from a US based museum.


“People are who are looking for an edge for their social media profiles, we give it,” she stated.


Consisting of 11 sections in the museum with each based on a different theme, the museum is a heaven for people with a funky taste. From hanging bananas and strawberry props, to pink palm trees, to glitter and marble balls, to rainbows, Selfie Museum allows you to have fun in any way you want.


So if you are a selfie lover (or sweet lover as a matter of fact) keep this one of its kind museum in your list of must visit places. A 90 minutes trip inside museum will surely give you an experience of a lifetime!


the authorAisha Arshad