UK to ban American XL Bully dogs breed after horrifying attacks

PM Rishi Sunak announced that the UK has decided to ban the American XL Bully dog breed by the end of the year

UK moves to ban American XL Bully dogs breed!

British Prime Minster Rishi Sunak on Friday announced that the American Bully XL dogs are to be banned in the UK by the end of the year.

The move comes amid the latest series of deadly incidents that have left many Brits, including children terribly injured and scarred. 

In a video statement shared on X -platform (formerly known as Twitter), PM Sunak revealed that he has tasked ministers with collaborating with law enforcement and experts to precisely define the breed, which currently lacks formal recognition by the Royal Kennel Club.

Sunak maintained that the ban on the XL Bully breed would be enacted through the Dangerous Dogs Act, and new legislation is expected to be in place by year-end.

He also reassured the public that necessary measures would be taken to ensure their safety, as these dogs are deemed dangerous.

Earlier this week, public outrage erupted in the UK when video footage surfaced online showing an XL Bully dog attacking people in Birmingham, including an 11-year-old girl who suffered shoulder and arm injuries.

The move has left animal rights activists and dog lovers fuming over social media.


“It’s dog racism. Plain and simple. You see the shape of the dog and jump to conclusions irrespective of the individual dog’s behavior. It’s wrong. Responsible and innocent owners and dogs are likely to be the people who will lose the most with this approach,” wrote a social media user in response to Sunak’s statement.


Another wrote: That the owners be taught how to be responsible owners… how ridiculous is that… where in the world has that approach ever worked…!?

Animal Adoptions UK responded to the decision saying, “Why have you waited for people to be hurt to show an interest? This is a token gesture when you should be working to stop the online sales of pets, doing more to check who owns a pet and that people research and are responsible before they can own a pet.

“If you ban the XL Bully, those owners that are the problem now will turn to the next large breed,” Animal Adoptions UK added.


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