Umer Nadeem crowned as the National Winner of the RedBull Doodle Art Competition

The Red Bull doodle art winner is headed to the international finale in Amsterdam to show the world what Pakistan is made of!

Red Bull isn’t just a drink that gives you wings, it’s a brand that supports creativity and empowers young artists in Pakistan and worldwide. From art exhibitions to providing platforms for emerging musicians and filmmakers, Red Bull has become a cultural force to be reckoned with. By fostering a community of creatives, they’re helping to shape the future of Pakistani art on both a national and global level.

On that note, The Red Bull Doodle Art Competition in Pakistan just crowned its National Winner, and we’re bouncing off the walls with excitement! It’s time to break out the confetti, bring out the Red Bull cans, and celebrate because Umer Nadeem has taken the title and rocked us over with his incredible doodle!

The Red Bull Doodle Art 2023 Competition in Pakistan had 3,000 entries, but only 19 finalists presented their work in the national finals on March 12, 2023, at the Islamabad Arts Gallery at F-9 Park in Islamabad. The finalists were judged based on creativity, artistic skill, and the way their doodle expressed a “love for life.” The winner, Umer Nadeem, a professional architect, and self-described artist, won the national finals with a doodle inspired by his home country, Pakistan.


But the excitement doesn’t stop there!  The Red Bull doodle art winner is headed to the international finale in Amsterdam to show the world what Pakistan is made of! Umer Nadeem, the victorious doodler, has a new challenge ahead: collaborating with a top-tier artist for four weeks to create an exclusive doodle NFT. This unique masterpiece will be presented at the Red Bull Doodle Art World Final in Amsterdam, where he’ll compete against winners from over 60 nations. The three-day “phy-gital” event is a blend of physical and digital art that’s set to rock the creative world in the Netherlands.


We’re not just celebrating Nadeem’s win, but also the fact that Red Bull is taking digital art and NFTs to the next level in Pakistan. It’s heartwarming to see a brand supporting and encouraging young artists to pursue their passions and make a name for themselves. Umer Nadeem is proof that Pakistan is home to some of the most talented artists in the world and we can’t wait to see what other amazing talent will emerge from our beautiful country!


The competition was open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and the finalists brought unique styles influenced by their life experiences, culture, and inspirations. The top 19 who made it to the finals were Aliyan Salam, Ameer Hamza, Hayyan Harmann, Iqra Qureshi, Maria Khalid, Maria Khan, Minahil Noor (the only participant with two entries in the finals), Mominah Arif, Noor ul Ain, Rabia Zafar, Rafia Abid, Rafia Ashraf, Rahat Shakeel, Rumaisa Jabeen, Sami Ullah, Shahnoor Ejaz, Taqdees Sher, Umer Nadeem, and Unzila Idrees.

The event was hosted by Hunerkada, College of Visual & Performing Arts Islamabad campus, with Best Western Premier Hotel as the exclusive hospitality partner and Peshawar Zalmi’s apparel brand, The Zalmi Store, as the apparel partner.

The jury panel included industry experts, Mr Imran Ali Dina, graphics designer, founder of GFX Mentor, Media Science teacher, and YouTuber with over 22 years of experience; and Ms Amna Shah, Director at Hunerkada, an institute where she also studied sculpture. The jury panel was impressed with the participants’ skills and potential, and Dina went on to say on the record, “Red Bull Doodle Art is amazing; it gives everyone the freedom to express themselves. I’m loving every aspect of the participants’ creativity and skills. It’s very impressive.”

So next time you crack open a can of Red Bull, know that you’re not just getting an energy boost, you’re supporting a brand that’s making a difference in the world of art, sports, and culture.





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