WBM Sponsors Kohsar Festival 2022 to Promote Tourism & Sports in Murree

A large number of tourists will be heading to this 3-day exhibition in Murree from June 13-15th June for sports activities


“WBM, the proud sponsor of the festival effortlessly works to promote tourism, allowing the visitors to experience Pakistan’s cultural heritage.”

Pakistan’s tourism industry has continued to flourish as tourist traffic expressed increased interest in experiencing its culture, cuisine, and natural beauty during the last year. This trend is set to continue as more and more people discover all that Pakistan has to offer. Pakistan is on the rise in the tourism sector thanks to a recent rise in governmental investment – the nation will soon be at the center of an attractive tourism boom. Pakistan is a country brimming with beauty and wonder, and its tourism industry is finally being fully embraced. Travelers and residents alike can look forward to the upcoming “Kohsar Festival, Murree 2022”, which will be held in Murree from 13-15thJune with the collaboration of the Government of Punjab and the Punjab Sports Board.

The Punjab Government is doing its part by developing infrastructure and promoting tourism in Pakistan for the betterment. Murree, one of the famous hill stations in Northern Pakistan, is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This year, in June, the event is going to be hosted to promote tourism which will bring together officials, local athletes, and the participated teams together. WBMWorld Business Management – is the proud sponsor of the Kohsar Festival, 2022, playing its part well and believes to promote tourism in the area and help improve the quality of life as well.

WBM – Proudly Sponsoring to Promote Tourism!

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Kohsar Festival is a great opportunity for tourists to learn and experience the natural beauty of Murree. The festival also aims at doing good for the betterment of Pakistan. This event is popular with tourists, who come to see the beauty of Murree, enjoy the sports activities, and will bring enthusiasm to them.

What Interesting Activities are to be held at the Kohsar Event?

The Kohsar Festival is going to be one of the biggest events that will celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Murree in the upcoming 3 days. The festival is a collaborative effort between the Punjab Sports Board and the Government of Punjab. This year’s festival will take place smoothly and will feature cultural music, sports competition, and other activities to ensure massive public participation. The festival is going to be started the ‘Sufi Night’ on 12th June 2022. They will celebrate the mystical teachings of the Sufi order and features music and performances by local Sufi artists. Famous Tiktokers and singers will be part of the event.

Besides the other activities, 8 different sports competitions will also be conducted and the local, as well as the official athletes, will participate well and promote such activities in these festivals, allowing the athletes to show their skills in the regional-level games. Different games will be played among the participated teams and officials. The event will start at Mall Road, Murree with the Grand Opening Ceremony on 13th June 2022. After that, the 1st game played will be Table Tennis from 13-15th June 2022. On 14 June 2022, different games will be played which include Mini Marathon, Cycling, Volley Ball, Football, and Tug of War. On 15th June 2022, the rest of the games, Skating, and Para Archery will be played among the participated teams.

“Murree’s Sports and Youth Affairs Department is pursuing all achievable actions to organize the Kohsar Festival comprehensively. Sports and Youth Activities Department Punjab Affairs Division is ensuring that every possible step is taken to facilitate the ordering of the festival,” says Asadullah Faiz.


These activities and other events are sponsored by WBM with extensive media coverage by new networks, ARY, Bol News, Geo, City42, and Dunya.

The Cycling race is considered to be one of the most prestigious games of the festival that will be held on 14th June 2022 from Lower Topa to Bhurban. It is a long and arduous race that will test the stamina and endurance of the participated athletes.

It is a celebration of culture and arts and includes various games, such as Volley Ball. This year, the game that is attracting the most attention is Volley Ball because of its international significance.

The festival is also going to host Mini Marathon from Lower Topa to Bhurban Cricket Ground. The event is a part of the festival and is aimed at promoting healthy living among the people.

The Skating game will also be hosted on 15th June 2022. It is a game of skill and chance played on frozen lakes or ponds. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Table Tennis will be played at the Kohsar Festival this year. There are several events planned, including a table tennis tournament that will be held continuously from 13-15th June 2022.

It is planned that the event helps to reinvigorate sports activities within the country and to help boost the appeal of sports at the local, and the regional level. It’s anticipated that massive public participation will turn out in large numbers to participate.

Pick and Drop Facility for the Kohsar Festival.

A mega-event to celebrate tourism will contribute to transport facilities for participating teams, officials, and athletes. The bus service will be provided to the athletes and officials attending the Kohsar Festival. The buses will leave from Islamabad for 3 days for the festival.

A large number of tourists will be heading to this 3-day exhibition in Murree from June 13-15th June for sports activities for everybody, amateur athletes, and most especially the participating teams, which will be taking part in an array of sports events. This festival sponsored by the government with the support of WBM, will help Pakistan highlight its cultural heritage and tourism development in the country. These efforts will hopefully encourage people to visit Pakistan and discover its culture and centers of natural beauty firsthand.

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