WBM USA Top Rated Personal care products now available in Pakistan

You can find the complete WBM Care product range at all major online and offline retailer marketplaces.

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WBM Care is all set to launch in Pakistan Super League 7 with a goal to present premium natural personal care products.

WBM Care is known for its exceptionally efficient personal care products. Initially launched in 2008 under the parent company – WBM Group of Companies, it is headquartered in Flemington, NJ. The parent company grounded its roots deeply around the world in the past. Himalayan Pink Salt is the thing that caused the historical breakthrough of WBM. After achieving the very first goal, the next was to innovatively include Himalayan Pink Salt in every aspect of people’s lives.

The brand’s slogan Care from Natureaims to create a close link between people and nature. After a huge success rate around the globe, WBM Care is now officially launching in Pakistan. With an idea to give pure, natural, and organic personal care products, WBM Care is ready to lead and prosper again just like it has in 100+ countries.

“WBM is not just a company, it is a way of life! A life full of natural, innovative, effective, and sustainable directions for our own good”, says CEO WBM Care.

Being a sub-brand of WBM Group, WBM Care also keeps the promise of quality and satisfaction intact. “Quality Is Our Passion with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee” remains the same for this brand as well.

Previously, WBM Care introduced its product range from the very basic products to the enhanced versions of them. Major products categories include various types of Hair Care, Body Care, Skin Care, and Daily Hygiene Products. There are more than 100 products that revolve around these four categories. Hair Care products particularly include Hair Shampoos with natural compositions.

Body Care products are particularly designed to deeply nourish the body with natural and organic ingredients. Body Wash, Body Lotions, Body Scrubs are a few ones to consider. The whole Skin Care regimen helps people to discover their beauty in a natural way. From Facial Cleansers to Facial Creams, the skincare products cover all the major skincare segments.

Personal Hygiene and Daily Care are other topics WBM Care eagerly focuses on. These covers varieties of Facial Tissues, Bamboo Tissues, Tissue Rolls and so on. Hand Sanitizers show great efficiency not only in purifying but in skin-nourishing as well.

Digging deeper into the basics, WBM Care keeps Himalayan Pink Salt extremely close to its heart. As it holds bundles of benefits, the brand tries to include it in everything it could.

“I believe that Himalayan Pink Salt is the 8th wonder of the world. Pakistan has been lucky enough to naturally get it in abundance. Now it’s our responsibility to make other people get along with it one way or other”, says CEO WBM Care.

A Natural Skincare regimen is important to have healthy skin and to feel good in it. No doubt it is of great significance that one maintains his/her inner body conditions. However, external body care is equally important. W-Beauty is a natural skin care product range by WBM Care. The basic concept of Discover The Beauty By Natural Way’, balances all essential requirements needed to fulfill your skin with health-enhancing elements.

Major products under this umbrella are Facial Cleanser, Moisturizers, Serum, Toners, and a long list of Facial Creams that targets and tackle particular skin conditions. This complete product range is specifically made keeping half of the world’s Population in consideration i.e., Women. Also, they claim that there are no harsh chemicals used at any point in manufacturing.

WBM Baby Care– a brand for newborns and toddlers–is presented in the world with its most natural composition baby care products. WBM always fulfills the promise of highly pure and natural products. This time, it exceeds the expectations. Baby Care’s product range is made while keeping the infant’s skin vulnerability in mind. Its natural basis is safe, clinically approved and dermatologically tested for the baby’s safety. After receiving great admiration throughout the world, this complete baby product range is launching in Pakistan now to assist mothers with their motherhood. Besides, no concerns are left anymore and high satisfaction levels for mothers are surely achieved.

An urge to keep yourself healthy is surely linked with a healthy house. W Home is a brand that makes you love your home with its proficient, effective and sustainable products. You can get your hands on a wide assortment of Cleaning Tools, Dishwashing Gels, Laundry Detergents and Mosquito Protection products. Also, these products cut short the efforts of housekeepers so that they steal some spare time for themselves from the daily tiring household chores.

“I strongly believe in the phrase – HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS! Our brand promises to keep your heart in your home”, says Manager W Home.

As mentioned, many times by WBM Group, their product range is all-natural and sustainable. An urge for continuously upgrading and trying better sustainable approaches is the major reason for such a distinctive product range. Every segment keeps the promise to give people a healthy environment for their own better survival. Not only the products are sustainable, the manufacturing approaches and distribution networks also ensure a protected planet.

WBM Foundation works as a non-profit organization with WBM Care. It works to make the world a better and healthier place. By planting trees and plants around Pakistan, it tries to make an effort on its end. More than 10 million plants have been planted as per the collective stats.

“We have to be a reason for the healthy survival of our future generations. Our individual efforts collectively make a big difference”, says the Director of WBM Foundation.

The packaging material is biodegradable, reusable, refillable, and safe to use. The sustainability of the products is ensured by many notable certifications. WBM Care holds the honor of being one of the few global brands with a long list of certifications. A few major ones include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA, PSQCA, Natural, USDA Organic, Non-Toxic, RoHS, MSDS, SLS-Free, and Paraben-Free. There are more. The list goes on!

You can find the complete WBM Care product range at all major online and offline retailer marketplaces. Explore our stores at Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Choice, Walgreen, Kroger, Daraz, Airlift, OLX GrocerApp, etc.

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