World’s Oldest Couple Celebrates their 80th Wedding Anniversary

John Henderson, 106 and Charlotte, 105 got married on December 22nd, 1939

World's Oldest CoupleWorld's Oldest Couple Celebrates their 80th Wedding Anniversary - OyeYeah News

Love knows no limits and such is the case with American couple John Henderson and his wife Charlotte who just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. Officially acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest couple alive, John, 106 and Charlotte, 105 got married on December 22nd, 1939.

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The couple who currently resides in Longhorn Village Retirement Community, Texas was celebrated by the community and close family who came together to commemorate their special occasion ahead of their upcoming anniversary.

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The two, recreated their first date’s memory as John picked up his beloved in 1920 model car with a bouquet of flowers. At their community, they were toasted and a special party was held in the celebration of their 80th wedded year.

John and Charlotte met at The University of Texas in 1934 and got married at the end of the Great Depression. At the time of their wedding, World War II had also commenced a few months ago but it did not stop them from making huge life decisions.

“They are a wonderful couple, and an example of a very happy couple – glad to be around each other, travel together and live life,” said Jason Free who helped his great-uncle and great-aunt to become world’s known oldest couple.

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As they continue to live a happy married life together and celebrate their anniversary on Sunday, John will also turn 107 on Christmas day.

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