Abrar ul Haq will make you want to dance to his Billo rendition

Abrar ul Haq’s original song Billo De Ghar which released back in the 1990s was a hit in itself. The song has become an icon and a trademark for Abrar ul Haq. Now, about two decades and a half later, Abrar ul Haq has again rekindled the magic Billo once was.

Produced under the guidance of Rohail Hyatt, the music magician, Abrar ul Haq’s latest rendition for Billo, for Coke Studio 12, is amazing. Listen to it once and you’ll be hooked onto it. The foot-tapping music, the fun-filled lyrics and of course Abrar ul Haq’s unique style of singing, the song makes you want to dance right from the start.

What we love about this rendition of Billo is the fact that Abrar ul Haq has only minorly modified the lyrics and the new music beats added only amplify the originality of the song. If you’ve heard and enjoyed the original song, you’ll like this rendition of Billo even more.

Here, have a listen and tell us what you think about the song because we simply love this song.

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