Ali Gul Pir’s “Sorry I wasn’t enough” is the voice of all broken hearts

A divorce doesn’t only ends a relationship between a husband and a wife, it actually murders a childhood or more in case of more than one children. For years, children consider themselves the reason for their parent’s separation, failing to understand where they would have gone wrong to end up with a fate like that. It becomes absolutely hard for a child from a broken marriage to become an adult with a composed personality, many fight and overcome but a number of them sccumb to their surroundings growing up to be disturbed individuals.

Ali Gul Pir, who has always highlighted a social issue with his satirical tracks, has this time ventured into a darker region. The singer cum actor has released a single, titled “Sorry I wasn’t enough,” highlighting how a divorce can affect young, innocent minds. The lyrics will move you, make you think and ponder over the repercussions of a divorce, and perhaps, even if they can affect just one person and change his mind, the purpose will be attained.

Another thing that you’ll absolutely notice in the song is the background track by Lenny Massey, wonderful, soothing and hitting right in the feels. While Ali delivers with his lyrics, Massey’s music makes the track all the more impactful.


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