Anoushey Ashraf shows off her incredible taste in music as she jams to ‘Sohna Tu!’

“Found a new favorite and can’t stop dancing to it!” she said

Anoushey AshrafAnoushey Ashraf | OyeYeah News

Pakistani VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf always let her followers in on what’s hot these days and she recently posted a story where she discovered this groovy new Pepsi song ‘Sohna Tu’! The actress couldn’t stop moving to the beat as she enjoyed the music.

“I keep discovering new music and I just love it!” Said Anoushay while she busted out some moves from the comfort of her home.

“Found a new favorite and can’t stop dancing to it!” She added in a caption.

Anoushey's story


Pepsi Pakistan is known for their contemporary anthems and the latest one ‘Sohna Tu’ that features some of the most incredible singers of our time like Aima Baig, Taha Malik, and many others are doing absolutely great! The groovy new dance number has earned a lot of appreciation from everyone.

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