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Asim Azhar is Ready to Support if Ali Zafar Makes New PSL Song

The singer took to Twitter to shut down the rumors of a rift between Zafar and himself


Lately, there has been a lot of debate on PSL 5 anthem Tayyar Hain featuring Asim Azhar, Arif Lohar, Ali Azmat and Haroon. While one may expect the talk to die down as the tournament has now begun, it looks like it’s only getting more hyped with every passing day.

On one hand, we have Ali Zafar who has announced a new song – on fans request – and on the other, we have social media speculating of a possible rift between Zafar and the team behind PSL 5 anthem.

Bhai aaraha hai, Tayar hoo! Is Ali Zafar gearing up for new PSL song?

However, like a gentleman that he is, Asim Azhar once again took it upon his shoulders to settle down the frenzy.

Taking it to Twitter Asim answered a fan who was curious whether Zafar’s announcement of (unofficial) PSL anthem has come as an insult to him.

“There is no insult. He is my senior and I respect him for the work he’s done. I’d be more than happy to support anything for the betterment of Pakistan,” tweeted Asim.

“This is the issue, we are divided among ourselves. We need to support each other,” he added.

Earlier Asim had also shown a big heart when he apologized to the fans for failing to meet expectations on PSL 2020 anthem. The song has been compared with Ali Zafar’s Khel Jamey Ga which was released by PCB for PSL 2018.

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