Danyal Zafar’s Udh Chaliye is a beautiful track!

Its a song you'd love to keep on a loop

Danyal-Zafar's-Udh-ChaliyeDanyal Zafar's Udh Chaliye is a beautiful track - OyeYeah News

They say hard times brings out the best in people and it seems to have ring true in Danyal Zafar aka Danny Zee’s case.

With all the time on his hand due to the worldwide coronavirus lockdown and the stress growing with every passing day because of his serious fear of illness, Danny has come out with a beautiful melody for his fans and followers and found his solace in music.

According to his Instagram video, Danny, woke up with the tune in his mind and then worked on to make the complete song in just 24hrs with the input of his followers on social media.

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– A year ago I started working on an album – I had a dream – Be one of the first Pakistani born AND raised artists to make it on an International level and stand shoulder to shoulder with all them international stars – Album released – Big response – So Long, Goodbye made it to California charts #53 – Genius picked up on it as well – Got called to New York – Promotional Interviews lined up – Meetings lined up to discuss how we can turn this dream into a reality – Music videos lined up – Corona hits New York – Everything gets cancelled – Had to take the last flight out (luckily a day before lockdown and flight cancellations) – Had to quarantine myself for the safety of others – Devastated – Something I’d worked so hard for came to a stand still – Anxiety issues – Hypochondria (severe fear of illness) – Have had it since 3 years – got triggered severely – Started losing my mind – Turned to music – Reached out to you guys to help – In 1 day, we created this magic – But what was achieved was not just a song – It was your love – A deep connection.. with all of you – A trust with all of you – because of which I’m being this vulnerable with you. – Insaan jab akela hota hai, yaa apnay aap ko kho sakta hai, yaa apnay aap ko paa sakta hai – (When you’re alone, you either lose yourself, or find yourself) – And I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now because I found myself by connecting with all of you. – This might be the best thing to have happened to me – Whatever happens, happens for a reason. – The situation you’re in doesn’t matter, what matters is what you make it – so make the best of it – I love you all

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And now, since the song is released on YouTube, we had to give it a listen. And trust us, this has to be one of the best songs by Danyal Zafar.

A romantic track with beautiful Punjabi lyrics, Udh Chaliye is a song that you’d love to have on repeat. It gives you hope and puts you in a musical trance.

It might not be that advanced on music but instead, a simple tune and a melodious track and yet Udh Chaliye will definitely make you fall in love.

Listen to the beautiful track here and tell us what you think;

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