FDVM presents the Official Music video “Spread the Vibe”

A chronicle of adventures through Pakistan!


FDVM, the international music sensation, who has performed in major music festivals like Coachella, Burning Man, and Tomorrowland, released the Official Music video for their song “Spread the Vibe”, documenting their exciting journey across Pakistan. The French DJ duo, Florent and Victorien, visited Pakistan earlier this year to perform at the Solis Festival 2019 and gained a mass following amongst the local listeners.

As an expression of gratitude to their Pakistani fans and to further their mission of spreading love and joy through the power of music, “Spread the Vibe” celebrates the rich culture of Pakistan and introduces the international audience to its colorful side like never shown before.

In these testing times, where Pakistan is working hard to improve its perception and image to the world, this video will significantly help to portray the soft image of Pakistan and further amplify the narrative of peace, love, and celebration. More importantly, it will encourage foreign travelers to visit Pakistan, promote tourism and consequently, will have a positive impact on the local economy.

The Official Music video for “Spread the Vibe” can be viewed here:

With 1M+ monthly listeners, and 100 million+ total plays on their original music, FDVM is on a mission to spread happines­s and positivity across the globe through the belief that music is a powerful way to connect and unite humanity. With catchy melodic hooks and warm, fine-tuned groove, crossing shades of house and disco, FDVM drives a multi-faceted approach to blend different music genre and offer a global appeal. Their unparalleled ability to skillfully navigate between mainstream and underground music, FDVM serves the crowd with the most epic and positive sound.

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