Five Iconic All Time Favorite Songs to Play this Independence Day

Happy birthday Pakistan! Like any other birthday, this calls for celebration, and while on every other birthday we sing the cliched song, on this special day there is a long list we can play and (sing-along of course) to express our love to the motherland. An oot of the songs have always been our top favorite and this time around we tried (tried only) to further narrow down the most of the most popular songs that hold a special place in our heart.

Dil Dil Pakistan
There’s no competition for this Vital Signs composition that took the 90s kids by storm and continues to rule our hearts as we have our own kids now. The lyrics, the tune, and the green-clad Junaid Jamshed always make us fall in love with Dil Dil Pakistan.

Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey
Right from its first chord to its super beautiful lyrics, Sohni Dharti takes our patriotism to a whole new level. This independence day, sing along the iconic song, and may Pakistan live forever.

Jazba Junoon
While this song did not exactly come in at independence day but rather during the 92 World Cup as Pakistan bagged the title, over the years this Junoon song has time and again helped boost the nation’s morale. Play it loud and let it give you goosebumps.

Mera Paigham Pakistan
One of the last songs of Pakistani legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which has a mesmerizing video alongside the most beautifully sung song. From ‘Khuda ki khas rehmat hai’ to ‘Kai naslo ki qurbani kai naslo ki mehnat hai’, this song basically summarizes what Pakistan is for us.

Mai Bhi Pakistan Hu
In true sense the iconic national song of our country as it’s learned by even a two-year-old on the streets. It’s simple, it’s genuine and it’s full of love for the country we call our home. On Pakistan’s 74th, let’s sing together in unity that indeed we are all Pakistan!

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