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Haroon Is Back On The Music Scene With ‘Dhundoonga’ After a Decade

The singer's video song, Dhundoonga features him in a retro video feel

Haroon-Is-BackDhundoonga is a light, uplifting track that'll gradually grow on you - OyeYeah News

Even after having stayed away from the music front, Haroon needs no introduction, when it comes to the industry. The singer made a mark with his music back in his days, his style so unique that Haroon’s popularity knew no bounds.

Now after a full decade Haroon has made a comeback on the music scene and it seems like he was never gone.

Haroon’s latest single is a feel-good, upbeat track that is fresh with a retro feel to it. The song’s video features Haroon amongst retro animation which will definitely take you back in time. 

In short, Dhundoonga is a light, uplifting track that’ll gradually grow on you 

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