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Indo-Pak artists spread love together amidst coronavirus lockdown

Salt Arts hosted a session with Ankur Tewari while Ali Sethi came live with Rekha Bhardwaj and Farida Khanum

BeFunky collageIndo-Pak artists spread love together amidst coronavirus lockdown - OyeYeah News

The pandemic, coronavirus has gripped the entire world in its claws. The death toll and the number of those affected are increasing by the minute around the world.

In such times, while the majority of the countries are on lockdown, artists from around the world are doing their part to curb the isolation, from their homes.

Live concerts have become the new in thing and its a great session when your favorites from India and Pakistan collaborate for one such.

On Tuesday, Ali Sethi announced he’ll be going live on Instagram for a very special session for his fans.

Although the fans didn’t know what was special about the session, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise when Ali was joined by Bollywood singer Rekha Bhardwaj, her husband Vishal Bhardwaj and Farida Khanum.


What ensued was a beautiful live session of amazing tracks that people were able to enjoy from the comforts of their home to double the fun.

While Ali Sethi gave his fans a special surprise alongside Farida Khanum and the Bhardwajs, Salt Arts also hosted a live session getting musician Ankur Tewari on board from across the border.


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