Rohail Hyatt brings together 140 artists to sing national anthem

Rohail Hyatt brings together 140 artists to sing the national anthem!

A few of the performing artists featured in this rendition are reported to be Irfan Ali Taj, Rahim Khan, Zohaib Zaman, Rizwan Abidi, M Irfan Malik, and others.

Hyatt is well known on the micro-blogging site for his strong sense of patriotism and we guess that is what he is planning for this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

“I had the most inspiring moment yesterday when a passionate group of 140 singers from all over Pakistan assembled to sing the national anthem. Powerful moment. Saw and felt unity one can only dream of. This nation can and will overcome anything. I’m sure. Pakistan Zindabad,” the music maestro tweeted. 

Former Vital Signs member announcement has drawn an overwhelming response of excitement to listen to his rendition of the anthem.

All the singers for the venture have applied through a process by which they were selected in order to have a group of singers that represented the fabric of Pakistan’s diverse communities, according to Hyatt.

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