Sonu Nigam Shares Throwback Photo of Meeting Sajjad Ali in Dubai

The singers met for the first time and had a good long talk

Sonu NigamSonu Nigam recalls meeting Sajjad Ali - OyeYeah News

Despite the tensions between India and Pakistan, artists across the border continue to harbor positive feelings for each other and don’t feel shy of expressing themselves. One such expression of mutual respect was publicly shared by iconic Pakistani and Indian singer Sajjad Ali and Sonu Nigam as the latter reminisced about their first meeting in Dubai, in March.

“This picture is from 19th March when Adel Farooq took us to check and assess Atif Ali’s studio for the first digital live concert that we eventually did on March 22,” wrote Sonu Nigam on Instagram as he shared a throwback photo of the duo.

“Incidentally one of the most respected singers and musicians of all times, and my personal favourite Sajjad Ali bhai was there too with his son and it was so sweet of him to wait till I arrive so we may meet for the first time in our lives,” the singer narrated, “And then we chatted for an hour and a half.”

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Sonu further shared that his sister Teesha Nigam had once chosen to cover Sajjad Ali’s song Katna Nai, and the Pakistani singer graciously allowed to do so.

“It was very very gracious of him to not just give us permission for the same but not even charge for it! That’s called true graciousness,” wrote Sonu.


Sajjad Ali also reciprocated Sonu’s sentiments as he also shared the same photograph, “It was a great pleasure meeting you too,” wrote Cinderella singer while terming Sonu as the “most sureela singer” of our times.

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