Farasat Anees accuses Indian label T-Series of plagiarizing his Joyland song ‘BIBA’

Farasat’s song BIBA was released two years ago and has 25 million views on YouTube

Farasat Anees has accused the Indian music label T-Series of plagiarising his Joyland song ‘BIBA’!

Pakistani musician Farasat Anees took to social media asking his fans and followers to judge what the Indian music giant T-Series has been doing to mint money by plagiarizing some original work.

For those unserved, Farasat’s song was released two years ago and has 25 million views on YouTube while on the contrary, T-Series’ song was released on Wednesday and has amassed 1.1 million views.

While sharing bits of both the songs in question, Farasat Anees captioned his Instagram post saying, “What a disgrace! T-Series [is] stealing our work because it has been trending in the world. Me and my brothers, Toshi and Slick Trick, worked day and night to bring this song where it is. PLEASE HAVE SOME SHAME and stop ruining every good song from Pakistan.”

“The love and respect Indians showed to our version of ‘BIBA’ was massive. We will always be grateful for that. [They are] also supporting us in the comment section of this cheap copy of ‘BIBA’. Will always be thankful to listeners across the border!” he added.

“Even if you wanted to reproduce the song, you should have done [so] with [the] original stuff. [They] clearly stole chords, [the] intro [and] arrangements of our version. CLEAR THEFT! Really hoping someone responsible takes action from T-Series and I request all of our fans, friends and family to share this,” Farasat Anees wrote.

Check out Farasat Anees’s post and judge for yourself:


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Meanwhile, popular Indian digital creator Diet Sabya and singer Annural Khalid also commented on the matter and called out T-Series for “blatantly copying” the track.

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