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This 8 year old Pakistani girl sings Bella Ciao like no other

April 3rd happened to be the date Money Heist fans around the world have been waiting for. And in this lockdown and quarantine period, most of them must have binged watch the entire season in one go.

Now those who have seen Money Heist are no strangers to Bella Ciao but there is this one girl, who despite having not seen the series, sings this Italian revolution anthem like no other.

This Pakistani child has the perfect combo of a beautiful voice and a perfect Spanish accent.

Kimaya Massey, the eldest daughter of saxophonist Lenny Massey, recently released a rendition of the Money Heist featured track Bella Ciao on social media and took fans by a storm.

Although she took the notes down a notch the outcome is beautiful as the song transforms into a heartfelt ballad.

The change the song’s tempo makes it a bit more complicated to execute but Kimaya hits each note gracefully.

And even though she hits the right notes on the song, this young girl hasn’t seen Money Heist at all. Her father says she’s too young for that, and we couldn’t agree more.

Listen to Kimaya’s rendition of Bella Ciao here and tell us how you feel.

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