Umair Jaswal Sings ‘Paani ka Paasdar’ the Water Warriors Anthem

With the vocals of ‘Sami Meri Waar’ singer Umair Jaswal, the songwriting of Seema Taher Khan, and production of Sarmad Ghafoor, and the direction of Salman Rafique in partnership with CDRS & Sonic Peacemakers, a very special anthem came into being. The existential importance of water and the need to protect its precious value was quintessentially emphasized.

With inspiration taken from Simi Kamal of Hisaar Foundation and Pakistan’s premier horticulturist/environmentalist Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, and their life’s work, this wonderful video came into being for people to both relate to and learn from.

Whether it be daily chores, activities, or everyday routines, Umair Jaswal’s anthem for Water Warriors in the nation paints a clear picture, to bring an end to water scarcity for the future of Pakistan. Dedicating this song to the youth and citizens of the country, the CDRS Ambassador for Water passionately delivers the powerful lyrics which illustrate the cause whilst inculcating the message to our youth and children of tomorrow.

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‘Paani ka Passdar‘ is a motivational and informational letter to the children of Pakistan, educating them about the significance of water and the issues faced due to a lack of it in the country. By teaching future generations about how to save and conserve water in small yet beneficial ways can have a monumental impact on the environmental situation faced by Pakistan.

By appealing to the masses through the platform of media and art, more individuals can hear the anthem and feel encouraged to spread the message. The Water Warriors can truly make a difference beat by beat. Comprehensive Disaster Response Services, known as CDRS in Pakistan aims to help aide the country in areas of dire need


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