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You ought to listen to DJ Bravo’s song about coronavirus

Titled, We not giving up, the track suggests to keep hopes up during this tough time


DJ Bravo, West Indies cricketer who also enjoys a side career as a singer and rapper has released a new song about the coronavirus situation threatening the entire world currently.

The song titled, We Not Giving Up, talks about how bad the situation of the world is currently, giving a brief account of lock downs and travel bans around the world. Bravo then moves onto urging everyone to take all the necessary precautions including practicing social distancing, washing hands and all the necessary precautions required to fight the pandemic.

Coronavirus or COVID19 as the global pandemic is being referred to as sprouted in Wuhan, China in December. Since then the virus has spread all over the world and claimed thousands of lives while affecting as many people.

the authorAfshan Zahra