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15 Pakistani, Kashmiri Origin British Nationals Win in UK General Election

In the UK General Election 2019, a large number of Pakistani-British, 15 to be precise, have made it to the House of Commons. Out of the 15 victorious, nine individuals belong to Pakistan’s Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) region.

“It is a great moment for the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora in the UK,” said Raja Fahim Kayani, president of UK Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK).

“Electing 15 British Pakistani and Kashmiri origin MPs to the UK parliament as their representatives shows how our community has worked hard to ensure the victory of their candidates,” he stated.

Muhammad Yasin (Labour) Bedfordshire, Imran Hussain (Labour) Bradford East, Zara Sultan (Labour) Coventry South, Shabana Mehmood (Labour) Ladywood, Birmingham, Rosena Ali Khan (Labour) Tooting, Nusrat Ghani (Conservative) Wealden East Sussex, Imran Ahmed (Conservative) Wakefield, Sajid Javed (Conservative) Bromsgrove, Rehman Chishti (Conservative) Gillingham and Rainham, Saqib Bhatti (Conservative) Meriden, Naz Shah (Labour) Bradford West, Khalid Mehmood (Labour) Birmingham, Yasmin Qureshi, (Labour) South Bolton, Afzal Khan, (Labour) Gortan Manchester and Tahir Ali, (Labour) Hall Green, Birmingham are the winning individuals of Pakistani, Kashmiri origin.

The General Election also saw the Conservative Party’s biggest victory since the 1980s when Margaret Thatcher came into power. With over 360 seats out of 650, Borris Johnson returned to Prime Minister seat this time.

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