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25 men booked for vandalising a restaurant on Tipu Sultan Road in Karachi

Here is what happened a day ago

25 men are reported to have been booked for vandalising a restaurant situated on Tipu Sultan Road in Karachi.

The incident came to light after a video showing the incident went viral on social media a day ago.

A violent mob can be seen outside the restaurant named Angeethi in the video in question.

At one point, one of the men throws a chair into the glass window of the restaurant, causing it to shatter.

Check out the video clips shared by netizens on Twitter:

SSP East Zubair Nazeer Shaikh shedding some light on the incident said the employees of the restaurant were playing cricket nearby when two passersby were hit by their ball, resulting in a scuffle. During the altercation, the restaurant employees had allegedly roughed up the passersby.

“They (passersby) went back and brought around 20-25 men armed with sticks who attacked the restaurant, vandalised it, and injured one employee before fleeing away,” he said.

SSP East said that the restaurant administration did not want to pursue the case.

“Therefore, the police have registered an FIR (first information report) on behalf of the state against two dozen persons over charges of riot,” he added.

The police officer said efforts were being made to arrest the suspects.


According to the restaurant’s part-owner Mohsin Shafiq Saigal, on Thursday his employees were playing cricket on Tipu Sultan Road when two boys on a bike tried to pick a fight with them.

“They hit my employees with a bat first,” he alleged, adding that “Then only my employees retaliated and beat them a lot”.

Saigal told that the next day the elders of the two boys visited the restaurant and met the manager.

“Talks were taking place inside and the manager was explaining to them his version of the events. They were apologising when a mob of at least 40-50 people gathered outside and attacked the restaurant with hammers, chains and sticks,” he added.

“They caused a lot of damage to the restaurant,” the eatery’s owner added.

“We eventually reached a compromise with the other party as they hail from rural areas and we are businessmen and do not want to involve ourselves in fights.”

The restaurant has since resumed its operations, according to the owner.



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