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25 people booked for attacking Islamabad Judicial Complex and rioting

PTI supporters broke the gate of Islamabad's judicial complex and storm inside the premises before Imran Khan's hearing.

25 people have been booked for attacking the Islamabad Judicial Complex and rioting on Tuesday.

As reported, the police registered a case against the PTI workers for resorting to sabotage during the appearance of Imran Khan in court on Tuesday.

PTI supporters broke the gate of Islamabad’s judicial complex and storm inside the premises before Imran Khan’s hearing.

According to the police, the case has been registered under 7ATA, 353 of the PPC and others.

Islamabad Police notified of the development in a statement issued on its Twitter handle.

Islamabad Police said that an attack was attempted on the Judicial Complex and the High Court as part of a plan, in which 25 people have been arrested while raids are being conducted to arrest others.

Police teams have been dispatched to various provinces to make arrests, the federal police said.

Islamabad Police said that a case has been registered under terrorism and other provisions for vandalizing the judicial complex in Islamabad, while people with Kalashnikov and other weapons have been detained from the crowd.


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah in a statement following the incident said that the government would take action against perpetrators for “attacking” the judicial complex, rioting, and sabotaging the judiciary’s dignity during Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s appearance in Islamabad courts.

In a press conference alongside Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders Azma Bukhari and Talal Chaudhry, the federal minister said that the culprits would be booked and arrested on terror charges.

Sanaullah objected to the “special treatment” given to Imran Khan by the country’s courts and how the situation worsened in the federal capital as his supporters gathered to welcome him.

Sanaullah said: “The banking court, which is present in the judicial complex, was stormed by around 400 ‘worker-like goons’ who were with them.”

“They attacked the policemen on duty by pushing them and ripping their uniforms apart and caused damage to the building by breaking its glass,” the interior minister added.

The Federal Interior Minister said that the wretched Imrani gang attacked the Judicial Commission Islamabad today, broke the gate and broke the CCTV cameras, there has been hooliganism in the Judicial Commission, the Judicial Commission as an institution has been insulted. Therefore, a case is being registered for vandalism, sabotaging the dignity of the judiciary and whoever is involved in it will be arrested.

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