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Over 600 people test positive for HIV in Rato Dero, Sindh

According to special health advisor Zafar Mirza, around 681 people have been tested positive for HIV in Rato Dero, Sindh.

“Some 681 people, of which 537 were children from two to 12 years of age, had been tested positive for HIV until yesterday in Rato Dero,” said Zafar Mirza. As per facts shared by the advisor, 21, 375 were screened for HIV and the growing number of positive results was a matter of ‘grave concern’ for the state.

Adding that unsafe (used) syringes could be a cause of the spreading virus, Mirza stated, “Initial investigations reveal that used syringes are being re-packed, which may not only grow significantly the number of HIV cases but also other diseases.”

Additionally Zafar Mirza, has also written a letter to the WHO requesting for immediate assistance, sending a team of experts to Pakistan to visit affected areas by the HIV epidemic. In his letter Mirza also requested WHO to provide diagnostic kits for HIV/AIDs to Pakistan.


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